[PATCH] libsanitizer: Disable libbacktrace on sanitizer_platform_limits_freebsd.cpp

Gerald Pfeifer gerald@pfeifer.com
Mon Nov 8 07:50:41 GMT 2021

On Thu, 4 Nov 2021, H.J. Lu wrote:
>> Ok.  But please after committing mention the revision in
>> libsanitizer/LOCAL_PATCHES.
> include and libsanitizer should use 2 separate patches.  The 
> libsanitizer patch should be in libsanitizer/LOCAL_PATCHES.

Okay, thanks.

This is the first part I committed on Friday, the second will 
follow today.


commit 44d9d55c6d0e3a1e26427662d30f350a80282634
Author: Gerald Pfeifer <gerald@pfeifer.com>
Date:   Fri Nov 5 12:56:07 2021 +0100

    include: Allow for our md5.h to defer to the system header
    This came up in the context of libsanitizer, where platform-specific
    support for FreeBSD relies on aspects provided by FreeBSD's own md5.h.
    Address this by allowing GCC's md5.h to pull in the system header
    instead, controlled by a new macro USE_SYSTEM_MD5.
    2021-11-05  Gerald Pfeifer  <gerald@pfeifer.com>
                Jakub Jelinek  <jakub@redhat.com>
            * md5.h (USE_SYSTEM_MD5): Introduce.

diff --git a/include/md5.h b/include/md5.h
index 03f7d29afc7..c5bb6076969 100644
--- a/include/md5.h
+++ b/include/md5.h
@@ -21,6 +21,10 @@
 #ifndef _MD5_H
 #define _MD5_H 1
+#ifdef USE_SYSTEM_MD5
+#include_next <md5.h>
 #include <stdio.h>
 #if defined HAVE_LIMITS_H || _LIBC
@@ -151,4 +155,6 @@ extern void *md5_buffer (const char *buffer, size_t len, void *resblock);
+#endif // USE_SYSTEM_MD5

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