[PATCH] Fortran: Diagnose all operands/arguments with constraint violations

Mikael Morin morin-mikael@orange.fr
Sat Nov 6 10:23:44 GMT 2021

Le 05/11/2021 à 03:58, Sandra Loosemore a écrit :
> This is an expanded version of the patch for PR 101337 that Bernhard 
> sent out a few days ago with a request for me to finish it.  Bernhard 
> did the part for operands and I added the pieces for procedure arguments 
> and intrinsics, along with fixing up the test cases that were previously 
> full of xfails and a few others that were now showing multiple 
> diagnostics as a result of this change.
> I suspect there might be other places where we are failing to check all 
> subexpressions for errors, but this catches all the ones I wrote 
> TS29113-related testcases for, at least.
> OK to commit?

Ok. Thanks to both of you.


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