[PATCH] Fortran: Missing error with IMPLICIT none (external) [PR100972]

Mikael Morin morin-mikael@orange.fr
Fri Nov 5 20:00:15 GMT 2021

Le 31/10/2021 à 18:25, Bernhard Reutner-Fischer via Fortran a écrit :
> As Gerhard Steinmetz noticed, gfc_match_implicit_none() had a notify_std
> that mentioned IMPORT instead of IMPLICIT. Fix that typo.
> IMPLICIT NONE (external) is supposed to require external procedures to
> be explicitly declared with EXTERNAL.
> We cannot do this when parsing in e.g.
> gfc_match_rvalue->gfc_match_varspec because the procedure might live
> way down in a CONTAINS like in bind-c-contiguous-3.f90.
> Hence diagnose missing EXTERNAL declaraions when resolving.
> Bootstrapped and regtested on x86_64-unknown-linux without regressions.
> Ok for trunk?

OK, thanks.


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