[PATCH] gcc: vx-common.h: fix test for VxWorks7

Olivier Hainque hainque@adacore.com
Fri Nov 5 15:12:07 GMT 2021

> On 5 Nov 2021, at 15:12, Rasmus Villemoes <rasmus.villemoes@prevas.dk> wrote:
>> Yes, I think so. The builds you do used to work before
>> the change that introduced the ifdef, 
> Well, apart from all the other fixups, some of which are not
> upstreamable, that I also need to apply :)

Sure. My comment was only meant as positioning wrt
the branch commit policy.

The issue you address can be seen as triggering a regression on
its own, regardless of other changes possibly causing issues as well,
so a safe fix for it is eligible to the branch.

> IIUC, and the adjustment
>> you propose is close to being in the "obvious" category.
> Indeed. I'll cherry-pick it into releases/gcc-11.
> Have you had a chance to look at the other four patches I've sent
> recently? They are also vxworks-only, and shouldn't be very controversial.

Not yet, but I'm planning to get there RSN.

I have been in delivery preparation mode on another project this week
and we had to finalize a move to gcc-11 for non vxworks ports we have
in-house first.

VxWorks ports are next in line, starting next week. We have quite a
few changes to push (wrt shared libs in particular), and I'll take the
opportunity to incorporate your changes in my local testing cycles
(pretty heavy for vx7, and some for vx6).

We happen to also have a few fixincludes hunks around. Some of
them have been there for years now and I thought would be nice to
propagate at some point.

Do you use it?

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