Workaround ICE in gimple_static_chain_flags

Jan Hubicka
Thu Nov 4 16:45:13 GMT 2021

> On Thu, Nov 04, 2021 at 05:13:41PM +0100, Jan Hubicka via Gcc-patches wrote:
> > this patch workarounds ICE in gimple_static_chain_flags.  I added a
> > sanity check that the nested function is never considered interposable
> > because such situation makes no sense: nested functions have no static
> > API and can not be safely merged across translation units.
> > It turns out however that this triggers for Ada and also for Fortran if
> > LTO partitioning separates nested function from its origin.  The secon
> > is bug in binds_to_current_def_p which I was fixing some time ago but it
> > seems that the patch got lost :(
> Wouldn't the right fix be to ensure during partitioning that nested function
> always goes into the same partition as its containing function?

We are losing optimization because of binds_to_current_def_p not seing
through partitions in other cases too, so it would only help the nested
functoins and not other cases.

For example we may determine callee to not read gloal memory but we
apply this logic only if we know that callee will not be replaced by
semantically equivalent one that does (i.e. because it is not optimized
and contains dead global pointer dereference that may ICE).

Also in general we do not want to impose aritificial constrains to

I had patch that was explicitly storing binds_to_current_def flag to
cgraph nodes that should make this problem go away, but I need to look
it up (it is years old and I guess i forgot to commit it back then)

> 	Jakub

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