[PATCH] Record that -gtoggle is already used in gcc_options.

Martin Liška mliska@suse.cz
Tue Nov 2 15:11:52 GMT 2021

On 11/2/21 15:33, Richard Biener wrote:
> I think -gtoggle matches a Defered option and thus should be processed
> in handle_common_deferred_options.

Well, that's quite problematic as I handle_common_deferred_options is called
after decode_options (that calls finish_options).

Note there's direct dependency at very end of finish_options in between -gtoggle
and debug_nonbind_markers_p:

   if (flag_gtoggle)
       if (debug_info_level == DINFO_LEVEL_NONE)
	  debug_info_level = DINFO_LEVEL_NORMAL;

	  if (write_symbols == NO_DEBUG)
	    write_symbols = PREFERRED_DEBUGGING_TYPE;
	debug_info_level = DINFO_LEVEL_NONE;

   if (!OPTION_SET_P (debug_nonbind_markers_p))
       = (optimize
	 && debug_info_level >= DINFO_LEVEL_NORMAL
	 && dwarf_debuginfo_p ()
	 && !(flag_selective_scheduling || flag_selective_scheduling2));

I don't see who you mean the possible fix?


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