aix: Add FAT library support for libffi for AIX

Tue Nov 2 09:47:40 GMT 2021

Even if GCC64 is able to boostrap without libffi being a
FAT library on AIX, the tests for "-maix32" are not working
without it.

2021-10-21  Clément Chigot  <>

        * (tmake_file): Build and install AIX-style FAT
        * Regenerate.
        * include/ Regenerate.
        * man/ Regenerate.
        * testsuite/ Regenerate.
        * configure (tmake_file): Substitute.
        * Regenerate.
        * (powerpc-*-aix*): Define tmake_file.
        * src/powerpc/t-aix: New file.

I've already made a PR to libffi itself in order to add the common part of 
this patch to it. But for now, it's still unmerged: 


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