[PATCH 1/2] add -Wuse-after-free

Eric Gallager egall@gwmail.gwu.edu
Tue Nov 2 05:32:00 GMT 2021

On Mon, Nov 1, 2021 at 6:18 PM Martin Sebor via Gcc-patches
<gcc-patches@gcc.gnu.org> wrote:
> Patch 1 in the series detects a small subset of uses of pointers
> made indeterminate by calls to deallocation functions like free
> or C++ operator delete.  To control the conditions the warnings
> are issued under the new -Wuse-after-free= option provides three
> levels.  At the lowest level the warning triggers only for
> unconditional uses of freed pointers and doesn't warn for uses
> in equality expressions.  Level 2 warns also for come conditional
> uses, and level 3 also for uses in equality expressions.
> I debated whether to make level 2 or 3 the default included in
> -Wall.  I decided on 3 for two reasons: 1) to raise awareness
> of both the problem and GCC's new ability to detect it: using
> a pointer after it's been freed, even only in principle, by
> a successful call to realloc, is undefined, and 2) because
> it's trivial to lower the level either globally, or locally
> by suppressing the warning around such misuses.
> I've tested the patch on x86_64-linux and by building Glibc
> and Binutils/GDB.  It triggers a number of times in each, all
> due to comparing invalidated pointers for equality (i.e., level
> 3).  I have suppressed these in GCC (libiberty) by a #pragma,
> and will see how the Glibc folks want to deal with theirs (I
> track them in BZ #28521).
> The tests contain a number of xfails due to limitations I'm
> aware of.  I marked them pr?????? until the patch is approved.
> I will open bugs for them before committing if I don't resolve
> them in a followup.
> Martin

Hi, I'm just wondering how this fares compared to the static
analyzer's -Wanalyzer-use-after-free; could you compare and contrast
them for us?

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