[PATCH 1/4] libgcc: remove crt{begin, end}.o from powerpc-wrs-vxworks target

Rasmus Villemoes rv@rasmusvillemoes.dk
Mon Nov 1 09:34:53 GMT 2021

Since commit 78e49fb1bc (Introduce vxworks specific crtstuff support),
the generic crtbegin.o/crtend.o have been unnecessary to build. So
remove them from extra_parts.

This is effectively a revert of commit 9a5b8df70 (libgcc: add
crt{begin,end} for powerpc-wrs-vxworks target).

	* config.host (powerpc-wrs-vxworks): Do not add crtbegin.o and
	crtend.o to extra_parts.
 libgcc/config.host | 1 -
 1 file changed, 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/libgcc/config.host b/libgcc/config.host
index 85de83da766..651e63adb23 100644
--- a/libgcc/config.host
+++ b/libgcc/config.host
@@ -1243,7 +1243,6 @@ powerpc*-wrs-vxworks7*)
 	tmake_file="$tmake_file rs6000/t-ppccomm rs6000/t-savresfgpr t-fdpbit"
-	extra_parts="$extra_parts crtbegin.o crtend.o"
 	tmake_file="$tmake_file rs6000/t-lynx t-fdpbit"

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