[PATCH] Port GCC documentation to Sphinx

Martin Liška mliska@suse.cz
Wed Jun 30 12:42:03 GMT 2021

On 6/30/21 12:55 PM, Andrey Belevantsev wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> On 29.06.2021 13:09, Martin Liška wrote:
>> On 6/28/21 5:33 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:
>>> Are formatted manuals (HTML, PDF, man, info) corresponding to this patch
>>> version also available for review?
>> I've just uploaded them here:
>> https://splichal.eu/gccsphinx-final/
>> Martin


> I've randomly looked at the PDF version of the GCC internals manual and the
> table of contents there only has an introduction and an index (looks like
> all other chapters went under introduction).  Other PDFs have the first
> level chapters in the contents.  Maybe it will be a good idea to include
> the lower level chapters as well, or at least to fix the gccint one :)

Very good point and I fixed both your comments. It would be much better having
listed all chapters in TOC.


> Best,
> Andrey

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