[PATCH] define auto_vec copy ctor and assignment (PR 90904)

Martin Jambor mjambor@suse.cz
Tue Jun 29 11:34:23 GMT 2021


On Tue, Jun 29 2021, Richard Biener via Gcc-patches wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 28, 2021 at 8:07 PM Martin Sebor <msebor@gmail.com> wrote:


>> vNULL can bind to a const vec& (via the vec conversion ctor) but
>> not to vec&.  The three functions that in the patch are passed
>> vNULL modify the argument when it's not vNULL but not otherwise.
>> An alternate design is to have them take a vec* and pass in
>> a plain NULL (or nullptr) instead of vNULL.  That would require
>> some surgery on the function bodies that I've been trying to
>> avoid in the first pass.
> But I wonder if since you now identified them they could be massaged
> prior to doing the change.
> I do hope we end up not needing .to_vec () after all, if no users remain ;)

I am afraid that the decay from ipa_auto_call_arg_values to
ipa_call_arg_values would still need them.

The auto variant is very useful for ipa-cp but the non-auto one is
necessary because of how ipa_cached_call_context is structured and how
it operates.

I tried to rework ipa_cached_call_context last summer - though I do not
remember it enough to be 100% sure that it would avoid the need for
to_vec - but Honza strongly preferred how it works now.


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