[Patch] Add 'default' to -foffload=; document that flag [PR67300]

Sandra Loosemore sandra@codesourcery.com
Mon Jun 28 22:34:58 GMT 2021

On 6/28/21 9:51 AM, Tobias Burnus wrote:
> I managed to delete the libgomp part before posting the patch, hence, 
> reposted.
> (The change from -foffload= to -foffload-options= ensures that also 
> other configured compilers such as GCN are used, an issue that Thomas 
> found. The original -foffload=nvptx-none=-latomic was added because as 
> otherwise the GCN part caused build issues for Richard.)
> Thus, this patch is like v3, except for the invoke.texi fixes suggested 
> by Sandra (thanks!) + adding a ChangeLog
> and like v4, except the lost libgomp changes has been re-added (+ 
> ChangeLog update).
> I hope it now is fine.


> --- a/gcc/doc/invoke.texi
> +++ b/gcc/doc/invoke.texi
> @@ -197,17 +197,17 @@ in the following sections.
>  @item C Language Options
>  @xref{C Dialect Options,,Options Controlling C Dialect}.
> -@gccoptlist{-ansi  -std=@var{standard}  -fgnu89-inline @gol
> --fpermitted-flt-eval-methods=@var{standard} @gol
> --aux-info @var{filename}  -fallow-parameterless-variadic-functions @gol
> --fno-asm  -fno-builtin  -fno-builtin-@var{function}  -fgimple@gol
> --fhosted  -ffreestanding @gol
> +@gccoptlist{-ansi  -std=@var{standard}  -aux-info @var{filename} @gol
> +-fallow-parameterless-variadic-functions  -fno-asm  @gol
> +-fno-builtin  -fno-builtin-@var{function}  -fcond-mismatch @gol
> +-ffreestanding  -fgimple  -fgnu-tm  -fgnu89-inline  -fhosted @gol
> +-flax-vector-conversions  -fms-extensions @gol
>  -fopenacc  -fopenacc-dim=@var{geom} @gol
> +-foffload=@var{arg} -foffload-options=@var{arg} @gol

Still need two spaces between these options on the same line inside 

>  -fopenmp  -fopenmp-simd @gol
> --fms-extensions  -fplan9-extensions  -fsso-struct=@var{endianness} @gol
> --fallow-single-precision  -fcond-mismatch  -flax-vector-conversions @gol
> --fsigned-bitfields  -fsigned-char @gol
> --funsigned-bitfields  -funsigned-char}
> +-fpermitted-flt-eval-methods=@var{standard} @gol
> +-fplan9-extensions -fsigned-bitfields -funsigned-bitfields @gol
> +-fsigned-char -funsigned-char -fsso-struct=@var{endianness}}

And on both the last two lines here.

I didn't think it was necessary to alphabetize the actual documentation 
of the options (only the table in the option summary).  I'll have to 
assume that you didn't actually change any of the text you moved around. 
  The text for -foffload and -foffload-options looks fine now.

The documentation part of the patch is OK with the whitespace changes 
(no need to post another version for me to review that).


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