[Patch] Add 'default' to -foffload=; document that flag [PR67300]

Tobias Burnus tobias@codesourcery.com
Mon Jun 28 11:28:34 GMT 2021

Hi Sandra, hi all,

On 19.06.21 00:47, Sandra Loosemore wrote:
> Thanks. The description of the options is a lot easier to follow now,
> so I mostly have only nit-picky Texinfo/grammar/terminology comments
> about the docs now.
Thanks for your comments/wording suggestions.
> The -f options are alphabetized in most of the other @gccoptlist
> tables in the option summary section.  I'm not sure why this group
> isn't, but you get extra credit if you fix that, too.

Done so. While doing so and then also sorting the list below, I noticed:
* optlist still had -fallow-single-precision but the entry was removed
   in commit f458d1d5d7bd85e412689858ea5d5de681608fbb
* there is -fgnu-tm - but it was missing from the optlist
* I did not fully sort -fsigned-bitfields  -funsigned-bitfields as
   those are in a single entry; hence, I also kept
   -fsigned-char  -funsigned-char together. That also helps when
   reading as they belong together.

>> +@smallexample
>> +-foffload=-lgfortran -foffload=-lm

I did notice that this should now be -foffload-option= ... – now fixed.

Except for the doc/invoke.texi changes unchanged compared to previous



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