predcom: Refactor more by encapsulating global states

Thu Jun 24 09:28:25 GMT 2021

on 2021/6/23 下午3:22, Richard Biener wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 22, 2021 at 4:35 AM Kewen.Lin <> wrote:
>> Hi Richi and Martin,
>>>> Thanks Richi!  One draft (not ready for review) is attached for the further
>>>> discussion.  It follows the idea of RAII-style cleanup.  I noticed that
>>>> Martin suggested stepping forward to make tree_predictive_commoning_loop
>>>> and its callees into one class (Thanks Martin), since there are not many
>>>> this kind of C++-style work functions, I want to double confirm which option
>>>> do you guys prefer?
>>> Such general cleanup is of course desired - Giuliano started some of it within
>>> GSoC two years ago in the attempt to thread the compilation process.  The
>>> cleanup then helps to get rid of global state which of course interferes here
>>> (and avoids unnecessary use of TLS vars).
>>> So yes, encapsulating global state into a class and making accessors
>>> member functions is something that is desired (but a lot of mechanical
>>> work).
>>> Thanks
>>> Richard.
>>> I meant that not necessarily as something to include in this patch
>>> but as a suggestion for a future improvement.  If you'd like to
>>> tackle it at any point that would be great of course   In any
>>> event, thanks for double-checking!
>>> The attached patch looks good to me as well (more for the sake of
>>> style than anything else, declaring the class copy ctor and copy assignment = delete would > make it clear it's not meant to be
>>> copied, although in this case it's unlikely to make a practical
>>> difference).
>>> Martin.
>> Thanks for your explanation!  Sorry for the late response.
>> As the way to encapsulate global state into a class and making accessors
>> member functions looks more complete, I gave up the RAII draft and
>> switched onto this way.
>> This patch is to encapsulate global states into a class and
>> making their accessors as member functions, remove some
>> consequent useless clean up code, and do some clean up with
>> RAII.
>> Bootstrapped/regtested on powerpc64le-linux-gnu P9,
>> x86_64-redhat-linux and aarch64-linux-gnu, also
>> bootstrapped on ppc64le P9 with bootstrap-O3 config.
>> Is it ok for trunk?
> OK, thanks for the work - Martins suggestions are good but indeed can be
> handled as followup.

Thanks Richi!  Re-tested and committed in r12-1767, I will make up a
follow up patch for Martin's suggestions.


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