[PATCH 12/13] v2 Remove TREE_NO_WARNING and gimple*no_warning* APIs

Jeff Law jeffreyalaw@gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 05:01:01 GMT 2021

On 6/4/2021 3:43 PM, Martin Sebor via Gcc-patches wrote:
> The attached patch removes the definitions of the TREE_NO_WARNING macro
> and the gimple_get_no_warning_p() and gimple_set_no_warning() functions.
> gcc-no-warning-remove-api.diff
> Remove legacy TREE_NO_WARNING amd gimple_*no_warning* APIs.
> gcc/ChangeLog:
> 	* tree.h (TREE_NO_WARNING): Remove.
> 	* gimple.h (gimple_no_warning_p): Remove.
> 	(gimple_suppress_warning): Same.
Is there any value in marking these as poisoned?  We've done that for 
some macros in the past, but we haven't been consistent with it.    If 
you think it's worth poisoning, the place to do that is system.h.

Approved with or without poisoning once prereqs are approved.


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