[committed] fortran/dump-parse-tree.c: Use proper enum type (was: Re: [Patch ]Fortran/OpenMP: Extend defaultmap clause for OpenMP 5 [PR92568])

Tobias Burnus tobias@codesourcery.com
Wed Jun 23 20:15:27 GMT 2021

Indeed, I somehow managed to use the wrong of the two enums in the cast ...
Fixed in  r12-1760-gcac3527793b38164e2a83c7ccbfe0cfcf5ac95b8

On 23.06.21 16:13, Martin Liška wrote:

> I noticed the patch causes the following clang warnings:
> gcc/fortran/dump-parse-tree.c:1786:11: warning: comparison of
> different enumeration types in switch statement ('enum
> gfc_omp_defaultmap' and 'gfc_omp_defaultmap_category')
> [-Wenum-compare-switch]

Thanks for reporting!


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