[Ping^2, Patch, Fortran] PR100337 Should be able to pass non-present optional arguments to CO_BROADCAST

Tobias Burnus tobias@codesourcery.com
Tue Jun 22 08:37:27 GMT 2021

Hi Andre,

On 22.06.21 09:40, Andre Vehreschild via Fortran wrote:
> To the questions:
> - I added a test only for -fcoarray=single because in the library case the
>    optional stat is just propagated to the library, which is already tested a
>    lot of times and which needs to handle the optional stat in any case. So an
>    error there would have been detected in one of the earlier tests. I did not
>    want to add unnecessary  test overhead given that the tests already run for a
>    long time.
Fair point.
> - I did not add tests for the other CO_* routines, i.e. CO_MIN, CO_MAX,
>    CO_REDUCE or CO_SUM, that are also handled by this routine, because I believe
>    that showing that the fix works for CO_BROADCAST shows that the others work,
>    too. Because the four others do not have any special handling in their
>    implementation in  trans_intrinsic. Or do you mean other coarray-routines
>    besides the five handled by conv_co_collective()?
Well, that relates more to the first point – for -fcoarray=lib, it
likely makes a difference. For -fcoarray=single not. If the former is
skipped, it is much less relevant for the second.
> If it is ok for you, I would apply the patch as is, or do you see a reason to
> add more tests?


Although, I am not that sure that libcaf_single gets that much testing.
On the other hand, -fcoarray=lib with -lcaf_single is also not that
relevant in the real world, either.


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