[Patch, v2] contrib/mklog.py: Improve PR handling (was: Re: git gcc-commit-mklog doesn't extract PR number to ChangeLog)

Tobias Burnus tobias@codesourcery.com
Mon Jun 21 13:26:07 GMT 2021

Now committed as r12-1700-gedf0c3ffb59d75c11e05bc722432dc554e275c72 / as

(We had some follow-up discussion on IRC.)

On 21.06.21 14:53, Martin Liška wrote:
>>>> +            # PR number in the file name
>>>> +            fname = os.path.basename(file.path)
>>> This is a dead code.
>>>> + fname = os.path.splitext(fname)[0]
>>>> +            m = pr_filename_regex.search(fname)
(Meant was the 'splitext' line - it is dead code as the re.search globs
all digits after 'pr' and then stops, ignoring the rest, including file
extensions. – I first thought it referred to the basename line, which
confused me.)
>>>> + parser.add_argument('-b', '--pr-numbers', action='append',
>>>> +                        help='Add the specified PRs (comma
>>>> separated)')
>>> Do we really want to support '-b 1 -b 2' and also -b '1,2' formats?
>>> Seems to me quite
>>> complicated.
> [...]
> I would start with -b 1,2,3,4 syntax. It will be likely easier for git
> alias integration.

Done so.

I note that argparse permits '-d dir1 -d dir2 -b bug1 -b bug2' which
then only keeps the dir2 as directory and bug2 as bug without printing
an error (or warning) for ignoring dir1 and bug1.


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