[Patch, fortran V3] PR fortran/100683 - Array initialization refuses valid

Tobias Burnus tobias@codesourcery.com
Mon Jun 21 12:37:43 GMT 2021

Hi José,

On 17.06.21 21:34, José Rui Faustino de Sousa via Gcc-patches wrote:
> Update to a proposed patch to:
> PR100683 - Array initialization refuses valid
> due to more errors being found...
> Patch tested only on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.
LGTM – sorry for the very belated review.
> Add call to simplify expression before parsing
Nit: I think you mean resolving/processing/expanding/checking – as
gfc_resolve_expr comes after the actual parsing.
> *and* check *appropriately* if the expression is still an array after
> simplification.

  * * *

I have to admit that I got a bit lost with your patches. Are there still
outstanding patches? I also recall approving a patch quite some time ago
which was then not committed for a long time. (I have not checked
whether it was committed by now.)

Thus: Do you have a list of patches pending review? Secondly, I assume
you can commit or do you have commit issues?


> Fortran: Fix bogus error
> gcc/fortran/ChangeLog:
>     PR fortran/100683
>     * resolve.c (gfc_resolve_expr): Add call to gfc_simplify_expr.
> gcc/testsuite/ChangeLog:
>     PR fortran/100683
>     * gfortran.dg/pr87993.f90: increased test coverage.
>     * gfortran.dg/PR100683.f90: New test.
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