[Patch, v2] contrib/mklog.py: Improve PR handling (was: Re: git gcc-commit-mklog doesn't extract PR number to ChangeLog)

Tobias Burnus tobias@codesourcery.com
Mon Jun 21 07:54:41 GMT 2021

On 17.06.21 02:17, Martin Sebor via Gcc wrote:
> @@ -147,6 +152,12 @@ def generate_changelog(data, no_functions=False, fill_pr_titles=False):
>           # Extract PR entries from newly added tests
>           if 'testsuite' in file.path and file.is_added_file:
> +            name = os.path.basename(file.path)
> +            name = os.path.splitext(name)[0]
> +            if name.startswith("pr"):
> +                name = name[2:]
> +                name = "PR " + name
> +                prs.append(name)

I think you need a regular expression to extract the PR – as it will both match
too much and to little. We have file names such as:
* libstdc++-pr91488.C (other prefix)
* PR37039.f90  (capitalized PR)
* pr98218-1.C (suffix with '-')
* pr40724_1.f (suffix with '_')
* pr101023a.C (suffix with a letter)

But otherwise, I like that idea.

  * * *

Changes in my patch compared to v1:
- (From Martin's patch:) Extract the PR from new-files file
   name (using pattern matching), but only take the PR if the
   PR wasn't found in the file as PR comment.
   (The latter happens, e.g., with b376b1ef389.)
- Avoid printing the same PR multiple times as summary line
   (duplicates occur due to 'PR 134' vs. 'PR comp/123' vs.
   'PR othercomp/123') — This does not avoid all issues but at least
   some. If this becomes a real world issue, we can try harder.

OK to commit this one? — Comments?

  * * *

I did leave out other changes as they seem to be less clear cut,
and which can be still be handled as follow up. Like:
- Adding 'Resolves:' (as in some cases it only resolves part of
   the PR)
- ... other changes/patches I missed. (This thread has too many
   emails.) In particular, if
   ^PR <comp>/<pr> - ....
   is accepted by gcc-commit/, then there is no need to list the
   PRs individually later on. But currently, it is still required.

  * * *

Cross ref:
* v1 of my patch was at
* Discussion of the -b option is at
* Martin S's patch (partially quoted above) is at


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