[PATCH] Modula-2 into the GCC tree on master

Gaius Mulley gaius.mulley@southwales.ac.uk
Fri Jun 18 15:10:18 GMT 2021

Richard Biener <rguenther@suse.de> writes:

>> > I would suggest to not rush this in now during stage4 but instead
>> > take the opportunity of this "quiet" phase to prepare an integration
>> > branch with all the issues above sorted out which we can merge at
>> > the beginning of stage1 for GCC 12 (or later during stage4 if
>> > everyone is happy and/or backport for GCC 11.2 when it landed in
>> > trunk).
> So as suggested above please create a public branch off trunk where you
> do the integration and keep it rebased on trunk regularly.  It looks
> like you do not have write access to the GCC repository, please
> obtain that and make yourself familiar with the repository and
> branch layout.

ok thanks - will do.  Incidentally there is a nightly rebase
automatically performed on

    git clone http://floppsie.comp.glam.ac.uk/gm2 combined-repro-gcc

with a number of branches.  git checkout remotes/origin/gm2-master
obtains gcc 12, it runs about 24 hours behind gcc and the gm2 repro.

I'll create a public branch on gcc.gnu.org and keep it up to date.

> I see there are copyright disclaimers and assignments to the FSF
> for you though for GCC I see specific changes rather than
> boiler-plate "past and future changes".  Fortunately we now have
> a DCO in place so I suggest to make sure to annotate commits
> to areas you did not assign copyright with appropriate Signed-Off-By
> lines - or maybe for simplicity apply that to all commits.

good idea - as you say fortunate the DCO came along - impeccable timing
:-).  I will use a DCO on all commits to be safe,

> The SC may also have comments here.
> Basically I'd like to see the merged state accessible on a branch.
> Thanks,
> Richard.


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