[PATCH] Modula-2 into the GCC tree on master

Segher Boessenkool segher@kernel.crashing.org
Fri Jun 18 12:32:43 GMT 2021

Hi Gaius,

On Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 11:26:41PM +0100, Gaius Mulley via Gcc-patches wrote:
> here are a set of patches which merge the gm2 front end into the
> GCC tree.

I have looked through the patches in this email, and they all look good
too me.  (There are a few warnings about whitespace from "git am", I
haven't looked if those are from your code, or auto-generated).

> The patches have been bootstrapped under aarch64 GNU/Linux
> Debian Stretch using make -j 4, x86_64 GNU/Linux Debian Stretch built
> using make -j 24 and also under x86_64 GNU/Linux Debian Buster using
> make -j 4.

I am building it on powerpc64-linux (-m32,-m64) and poweerpc64le-linux
currently.  (All CentOS 7 fwiw).

It does not want to build gm2tools, haven't investigated that yet

Will report results later.  Thanks for your persistence!


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