[PATCH] rs6000: MMA builtin usage ICEs when used in a #pragma omp parallel and using -fopenmp [PR100777]

Peter Bergner bergner@linux.ibm.com
Mon Jun 14 22:00:25 GMT 2021

On 6/14/21 12:08 PM, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> On Wed, May 26, 2021 at 04:16:31PM -0500, Peter Bergner via Gcc-patches wrote:
>> Using an MMA builtin within an openmp parallel code block leads to an SSA
>> verification ICE on the temporaries we create while expanding the MMA builtins
>> at gimple time.  The solution is to use create_tmp_reg_or_ssa_name(), which
>> knows when to create either an SSA or register temporary.
>> This fixes the ICE and bootstraps and regtests with no regressions.
>> Ok for trunk?

Ok, pushed to trunk.

>> The same ICE occurs in GCC 11 and GCC 10.  Ok to backport to those release
>> branches after some burn in on trunk?
> Yes.

Ok, I'll let it bake on trunk for a little while before backporting
to the release branches.  Thanks!


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