GCC documentation: porting to Sphinx

Joseph Myers joseph@codesourcery.com
Wed Jun 2 16:44:13 GMT 2021

On Wed, 2 Jun 2021, Joel Sherrill wrote:

> For RTEMS, we switched from texinfo to Sphinx and the dependency
> on Python3 for Sphinx has caused a bit of hassle. Is this going to be
> an issue for GCC?

What Sphinx (and, thus, Python) versions does the GCC manual build work 
with?  Can it work with e.g. any Sphinx versions from the past five years, 
or are there newer Sphinx features that are critical for the GCC manuals?  
I've seen a need for frequent Sphinx updates being a pain when building 
other software using Sphinx for its manual.

> Also we rely on TexLive for PDF output and that's a bit of a pain to
> install. Tex was incorrectly packaged on some RHEL/CentOS versions.

This is nothing new, since building PDF manuals from Texinfo sources also 
needs TeX.

Joseph S. Myers

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