[Patch] Fortran/OpenMP: Support (parallel) master taskloop (simd) [PR99928]

Tobias Burnus tobias@codesourcery.com
Tue Jun 1 09:53:12 GMT 2021

(PR 99928 is mainly about handling clauses in combined constructs.
but it sees some related commits like this one. The PR is not
fully fixed for C/C++ and for Fortran a bit more is missing.)

This patch adds '(parallel) master taskloop (simd)' support to gfortran.

For full parsing support for the Fortran version of the C/C++ testcases pr99928-*.c,
parsing support for 'loop' (+ combined constructs) and reduction with an array (slice)
is missing. – And, of course, doing FE fixes for handling the clauses,
similar to what has been/is being done for C/C++.
(No attempt has been made in this patch to fix long-standing
combined-clause handling issues.)

As bug fix, 'taskloop simd reduction(...)' is now supported and
'taskloop simd reduction(task,...' is now diagnosed by the FE.


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