fix latent bootstrap-debug issue (modref, tree-inline, tree jump-threading)

Alexandre Oliva
Sat Aug 28 04:29:53 GMT 2021

On Aug 22, 2021, Jan Hubicka <> wrote:

> OK, thanks for looking into this issue!

Thanks, I've finally installed it in the trunk.

> It seems that analye_stmt indeed does not skip debug stmts.  It is very
> odd we got so far without hitting build difference.

Indeed.  That got me thinking...  The comments state:

     If the statement cannot be analyzed (for any reason), the entire
     function cannot be analyzed by modref.

but the implementation also tests, for every statement:

	      || ((!summary || !summary->useful_p (ecf_flags, false))
		  && (!summary_lto
		      || !summary_lto->useful_p (ecf_flags, false))))

which means that, if the first stmt of a block doesn't add useful
information to the summary, we give up.  Was this really the intent?

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