[PATCH] analyzer: Impose recursion limit on indirect calls.

Martin Liška mliska@suse.cz
Fri Aug 27 12:58:41 GMT 2021

On 8/27/21 14:44, Ankur Saini wrote:
> While working on patch to convert most of the 8 whitespace characters to tabs in the analyzer’s source, I see this weird behaviour where at some places indentation looks weird when viewed in patch file ( generated via “git format-patch” )  but looks alright when viewed in text editor.

Yes, I can confirm the patch fixed the white spaces, you can verify that with:
$ git diff | ./contrib/check_GNU_style.py -

Note there are some other formatting issues reported by the script.


> Here is the current patch file, Can someone look at this and see if they also experience the same ?

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