[PATCH] mips: msa: truncate immediate shift amount [PR101922]

Jeff Law jeffreyalaw@gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 01:21:28 GMT 2021

On 8/20/2021 11:07 AM, Xi Ruoyao via Gcc-patches wrote:
> When -mloongson-mmi is enabled, SHIFT_COUNT_TRUNCATED is turned off.
> This causes untruncated immediate shift amount outputed into the asm,
> and the GNU assembler refuses to assemble it.
> Truncate immediate shift amount when outputing the asm instruction to
> make GAS happy again.
> gcc/
> 	PR target/101922
> 	* config/mips/mips-protos.h (mips_msa_output_shift_immediate):
> 	  Declare.
> 	* config/mips/mips.c (mips_msa_output_shift_immediate): New
> 	  function.
> 	* config/mips/mips-msa.md (vashl<mode>3, vashr<mode>3,
> 	  vlshr<mode>3): Call it.
> gcc/testsuite/
> 	PR target/101922
> 	* gcc.target/mips/pr101922.c: New test.

Q. Looking out further, is it going to continue to make sense to have 
loongson continue to be based on the mips port, or is it going to make 
more sense to have a distinct loongson port?


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