[PATCH] PR fortran/100950 - ICE in output_constructor_regular_field, at varasm.c:5514

Harald Anlauf anlauf@gmx.de
Fri Aug 20 19:43:12 GMT 2021

Hi Tobias,

> LGTM – I am fine with either variant, but I am slightly inclined to
> removing the gcc_assert*
> – as I believe that the existing checks come early enough and do seem to
> work well.

I played some more and found additional cases that we hadn't discussed
before.  (At least I hadn't thought of them because of the focus on
deferred length strings.)

- automatic string variables / arrays
- assumed length strings
- PDTs with character components.

The last one actually turned out sort of "hopeless" for now, so I opened


to track this.

I added the other cases to testcase pr100950.f90 and reduced the checks
and code within "substring_has_constant_len" to the bare minimum.
See the attached follow-up patch.

> Can you check ('grep') whether we already have sufficient coverage of
> substring out of bounds?
> We presumably have, but if you spot something, I think it makes sense to
> add those to the testsuite.

We do have some checks on substring indices (e.g. substr_10.f90),
but not really extensive coverage.

> Tobias
> *I think GCC won't complain but if ENABLE_ASSERT_CHECKING is not defined,
> there is then a pointless 'length =' assignment, overridden before it is
> ever used.

Yes.  This is fixed below.

I guess I have to apologize for things getting a bit out of control for
this PR, but the results are on the other hand way beyond my initial

Re-regtested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.  Should be safe elsewhere...



Fortran - extend set of substring expressions handled in length simplification


	PR fortran/100950
	* simplify.c (substring_has_constant_len): Minimize checks for
	substring expressions being allowed.


	PR fortran/100950
	* gfortran.dg/pr100950.f90: Extend coverage.

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