[PATCH] analyzer: Fix PR analyzer/101980

David Malcolm dmalcolm@redhat.com
Fri Aug 20 16:47:51 GMT 2021

On Fri, 2021-08-20 at 21:55 +0530, Ankur Saini wrote:
> The patch fixes the test failures introduced by :
> aef703cf982072427e74034f4c460a11c5e04b8e
> 1b34248527472496ca3fe2a07183beac8cf69041
> Thanks 
> - Ankur

Thanks for fixing this.

The patch looks OK, apart from some minor whitespace issues - I think
it's using spaces rather than tabs, as columns aren't lining up as
expected in some places.  (does your code editor support visualizing
whitespace and support GNU indentation styles?).

Ideally these nits should be fixed - but assuming this passes bootstrap
it's OK to push to trunk (and don't try to fix indentation in places
where it's already broken; best to focus on fixing the test suite).


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