Aw: Re: Re: [PATCH] PR fortran/100950 - ICE in output_constructor_regular_field, at varasm.c:5514

Tobias Burnus
Fri Aug 20 12:01:03 GMT 2021

On 20.08.21 12:53, Harald Anlauf wrote:

>> I have verified it fixes i686-linux bootstrap.
>> But the new testcase doesn't trigger any of those new errors, is something
>> else in the testsuite covering those or do you have some short snippet that
>> could verify the errors work properly?
> The testcase was designed to verify correct simplification of
> substring length for a variety of cases.
> I played with variations of the testcase by specifying illegal
> substring bounds, but all these cases were caught in a different
> spot with similar error messages.

I can confirm this. – I think in order to reduce the clutter, the
diagnostic probably should be removed.


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