[committed] libstdc++: Document P1739R4 status [PR100139]

Jonathan Wakely jwakely@redhat.com
Thu Aug 19 14:06:06 GMT 2021

On 19/08/21 13:03 +0100, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
>We should document the status of this unimplemented feature.
>Signed-off-by: Jonathan Wakely <jwakely@redhat.com>
>	PR libstdc++/100139
>	* doc/xml/manual/status_cxx2020.xml: Add P1739R4 to status table.
>	* doc/html/manual/status.html: Regenerate.

I forgot that I'd grouped all the Ranges and Concepts papers together
in the status table. This moves the new row to be in that group.

Committed to trunk and 10 and 11 branches.

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