[PATCH] AArch64: Implement missing vcls intrinsics on unsigned types

Kyrylo Tkachov Kyrylo.Tkachov@arm.com
Tue Sep 22 11:05:36 GMT 2020

Hi all,

This patch implements some missing intrinsics that perform a CLS on unsigned SIMD types.

Bootstrapped and tested on aarch64-none-linux-gnu.

Committing to trunk and to active branches after testing.


2020-09-22  Kyrylo Tkachov  <kyrylo.tkachov@arm.com>

	PR target/71233
	* config/aarch64/arm_neon.h (vcls_u8, vcls_u16, vcls_u32,
	vclsq_u8, vclsq_u16, vclsq_u32): Define.

2020-09-22  Kyrylo Tkachov  <kyrylo.tkachov@arm.com>

	PR target/71233
	* gcc.target/aarch64/simd/vcls_unsigned_1.c: New test.
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