[PATCH] PR fortran/98017 - [8/9/10/11 Regression] Suspected regression using PACK

Thomas Koenig tkoenig@netcologne.de
Sun Nov 29 08:16:26 GMT 2020

HI Harald,

> When substituting an array-valued character parameter variable, the call to
> gfc_copy_expr returns character length 1.  Fix up the resulting length.
> I could not figure out whether this is a bug or a feature of gfc_copy_expr.
> But the fix to simplify_parameter_variable would not do any harm in any case.

Thanks for your analysis!

I don't think that this is a feature of gfc_copy_expr, I think it is a
bug which probably also bites us in other circumstances which we may
work around in other places and/or which causes other instances of
wrong code.

So, I'd very much prefer that the character length is set correctly
in gfc_copy_expr.  If that works, we should definitely backport
to all open branches.

Best regards


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