Document --with-build-config=bootstrap-asan option.

Gerald Pfeifer
Sun Nov 22 22:49:50 GMT 2020

On Fri, 20 Nov 2020, Matthew Malcomson wrote:
>>> The patch is okay modulo the question above.
> Apologies for bringing up something from this far back, but I've just 
> noticed I never actually committed this patch.

Actually thank you for doing so!  (And I am known to sometimes bring
up things quite older than this. ;-)

> Did the above line mean approval once the option was moved into the 
> existing table?  Or was it just explaining that the position was the 
> only problem you saw?

Yes - the former.

> In other words: is the patch I proposed below Ok for trunk?

Yes, please.  (I believe there may be an overly long line in the
patch, which will be good to wrap before committing, but please
go ahead in any case.)

(This is also okay to backport to GCC 10.)


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