[PATCH 00/31] VAX: Bring the port up to date (yes, MODE_CC conversion is included)

Anders Magnusson ragge@tethuvudet.se
Fri Nov 20 07:58:31 GMT 2020

Morning Maciej,
>   Then there is a fix for the PDP11 backend addressing an issue I found in
> the handling of floating-point comparisons.  Unlike all the other changes
> this one has not been regression-tested, not even built as I have no idea
> how to prepare a development environment for a PDP11 target (also none of
> my VAX pieces is old enough to support PDP11 machine code execution).
You could use simh /w 2.11BSD, or if you want to test it on real 
hardware I have a 11/83 where you could test?

-- R

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