[PATCH] PowerPC: PR libgcc/97543, fix 64-bit long double issues

Michael Meissner meissner@linux.ibm.com
Thu Nov 19 23:43:02 GMT 2020

PowerPC: PR libgcc/97543, fix 64-bit long double issues

I meant to post this to the gcc-patches mailing list last Thursday, but I see I
posted this to an internal IBM mailing list.

This patch replaces the previous iterations of this patch:

October 22nd, 2020:
Message-ID: <20201022220510.GA11556@ibm-toto.the-meissners.org>

October 28th, 2020:
Message-ID: <20201029004204.GA15149@ibm-toto.the-meissners.org

If you use a compiler with long double defaulting to 64-bit instead of 128-bit
with IBM extended double, you get linker warnings about mis-matches in the gnu
attributes for long double (PR libgcc/97543).  Even if the compiler is
configured to have long double be 64 bit as the default with the configuration
option '--without-long-double-128' you get the warnings.

You also get the same issues if you use a compiler with long double defaulting
to IEEE 128-bit instead of IBM extended double (PR libgcc/97643).

The issue is the way libgcc.a/libgcc.so is built.  Right now when building
libgcc under Linux, the long double size is set to 128-bits when building
libgcc.  However, the gnu attributes are set, leading to the warnings.

One feature of the current GNU attribute implementation is if you have a shared
library (such as libgcc_s.so), the GNU attributes for the shared library is an
inclusive OR of all of the modules within the library.  This means if any
module uses the -mlong-double-128 option and uses long double, the GNU
attributes for the library will indicate that it uses 128-bit IBM long
doubles.  If you have a static library, you will get the warning only if you
actually reference a module with the attribute set.

This patch does two things:

    1)  All of the modules that support IBM 128-bit long doubles explicitly set
        the ABI to IBM extended double.

    2) I turned off GNU attributes for building the shared library or for
        building the IBM 128-bit long double support.

I have discussed this patch with Alan Modra, and made several changes based on
his suggestions.

I have tested this on a little endian power9 system running Linux by building
three separate compilers, using the Advance Toolchain AT14.0 which uses GLIBC

    1)  A compiler where the long double default is IBM 128-bit double;
    2)  A compiler where the long double default is IEEE 128-bit double; (and)
    3)  A compiler where the long double default is 64-bit.

Note, for the IEEE build (#2), the other patches that I will be submitting are
needed to enable the full build.

For each of the 3 compilers, I then tested some code with long double's and
verified that each of the long double options worked without generating

In addition, I have tested this patch on a big endian power8 system running
Linux, and there were no regressions.

Can I install this patch into the master branch?  Since this is a bug for
64-bit long doubles, I would like to back port it to GCC 10, and GCC 9 after a
shake-in period.

2020-11-17  Michael Meissner  <meissner@linux.ibm.com>

	PR libgcc/97543
	PR libgcc/97643
	* config/rs6000/t-linux (IBM128_STATIC_OBJS): New make variable.
	(IBM128_SHARED_OBJS): New make variable.
	(IBM128_OBJS): New make variable.  Set all objects to use the
	explicit IBM format, and disable gnu attributes.
	(IBM128_CFLAGS): New make variable.
	(gcc_s_compile): Add -mno-gnu-attribute to all shared library
 libgcc/config/rs6000/t-linux | 22 ++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 22 insertions(+)

diff --git a/libgcc/config/rs6000/t-linux b/libgcc/config/rs6000/t-linux
index ed821947b66..72e9c2770a6 100644
--- a/libgcc/config/rs6000/t-linux
+++ b/libgcc/config/rs6000/t-linux
@@ -6,3 +6,25 @@ HOST_LIBGCC2_CFLAGS += -mlong-double-128
 # smaller and faster libgcc code.  Directly specifying -mcmodel=small
 # would need to take into account targets for which -mcmodel is invalid.
 HOST_LIBGCC2_CFLAGS += -mno-minimal-toc
+# On the modules that deal with IBM 128-bit values, make sure that TFmode uses
+# the IBM extended double format.  Also turn off gnu attributes on the static
+# modules.
+IBM128_STATIC_OBJS	= ibm-ldouble$(objext) _powitf2$(objext) \
+			  ppc64-fp$(objext) _divtc3$(object) _multc3$(object) \
+			  _fixtfdi$(object) _fixunstfdi$(object) \
+	                  _floatditf$(objext) _floatunsditf$(objext)
+IBM128_SHARED_OBJS	= $(IBM128_STATIC_OBJS:$(objext):_s$(objext))
+IBM128_CFLAGS		= -Wno-psabi -mabi=ibmlongdouble -mno-gnu-attribute
+# Turn off gnu attributes for long double size on all of the shared library
+# modules, but leave it on for the static modules, except for the functions
+# that explicitly process IBM 128-bit floating point.  Shared libraries only
+# have one gnu attribute for the whole library, and it can lead to warnings if
+# somebody changes the long double format.  We leave it on for the static
+# modules to catch mis-compilation errors.
+gcc_s_compile += -mno-gnu-attribute

Michael Meissner, IBM
IBM, M/S 2506R, 550 King Street, Littleton, MA 01460-6245, USA
email: meissner@linux.ibm.com, phone: +1 (978) 899-4797

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