RISC-V: Support version controling for ISA standard extensions

Kito Cheng kito.cheng@sifive.com
Wed Nov 18 06:30:13 GMT 2020

Patch set committed :)

On Wed, Nov 18, 2020 at 1:43 PM Kito Cheng <kito.cheng@gmail.com> wrote:

> >> Current GCC implementation is RISC-V ISA 2.2, this patch set implement
> v20190608 and v20191213, and also add option
> -misa-spec=[2.2|20190608|20191213] to change the default ISA spec version.
> >>
> >> There is one major incompatible
> >>
> >> That option will effect the default version of each sub-extension, for
> example I-extension is 2.0 for 2.2 and 2.1 for v20190608 and v20191213.
> >>
> >> We also update the -march parser to fit the latest standard, the
> canonical ordering for multi-letter, drop version support for G extension,
> and we also omitted the version for unrecognized extension.
> >>
> >> And we add an special rule for G extension, imafd can't appear again if
> G extension is present, but zicsr and zifencei can.
> >>
> >> The default ISA spec will keep on 2.2, and change that in next GCC
> release.
> >
> >
> > This patch series looks OK to me with minor fixes for the things I
> pointed out.
> Thanks for reviewing, I'll commit that after fixing those issues and
> testing again :)
> > I assume Nelson Chu will look at adding the missing zifencei binutils
> support?
> Nelson has worked before, but got stuck due to arch implication rule,
> i, g, zifencei and zicsr...
> And now he plan to refer GCC implementation on binutils side after I
> commit :P
> https://github.com/riscv/riscv-isa-manual/issues/575
> > Maybe we should add an attribute for the isa-spec?  This is redundant
> with the arch spec, but might be easier for some folk to handle.  Just one
> version number instead of 6 version numbers.  Though I suppose if we have
> both we might have to deal with accidental conflicts between the two.  We
> would need a binutils patch first.  This can be fixed later if it makes
> sense to do it.
> I've considered that before but it seems like getting more confused,
> since arch string can specify the version for each extension which can
> override ISA-spec, but I guess more info is not harmful, I think we
> can create an issue on psabi doc and continue discuss there.

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