Decompose OpenACC 'kernels' constructs into parts, a sequence of compute constructs (was: [og8] OpenACC 'kernels' construct changes: splitting of the construct into several regions)

Tobias Burnus
Sun Nov 15 09:14:32 GMT 2020

Hi Thomas,

regarding the new option:

+C ObjC C++ ObjC++ RejectNegative Joined Enum(openacc_kernels) Var(flag_openacc_kernels) Init(OPENACC_KERNELS_PARLOOPS)
+-fopenacc-kernels=[decompose|parloops]	Specify mode of OpenACC 'kernels' constructs handling.


On 13.11.20 23:22, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
> Not yet enabled by default: for now, the current mode of OpenACC 'kernels'
> constructs handling still remains '-fopenacc-kernels=parloops', but that is to
> change later.

Do you intent that users will switch between those two options?

Or is this new option only an interim solution until decompose is handled?

If the latter, maybe using a --param makes more sense than keeping the later for ever.


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