[PATCH] PR fortran/95880 - [9/10/11 Regression] ICE in gfc_add_type, at fortran/symbol.c:2030

Harald Anlauf anlauf@gmx.de
Sat Jun 27 21:28:13 GMT 2020

A rather straightforward issue (mis-)referencing the proper symbol name
in an error message.

OK for master / backport?


PR fortran/95880 - ICE in gfc_add_type, at fortran/symbol.c:2030

The fix for PR39695 did not properly distinguish between procedure names
and other symbols names in errors emitted for invalid code.  Fix that.

	PR fortran/95880
	* symbol.c (gfc_add_type): If sym->ns->proc_name is set, use it,
	otherwise fall back to sym->name.

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