[PATCH] hppa: PR middle-end/87256: Improved hppa_rtx_costs avoids synth_mult madness.

John David Anglin dave.anglin@bell.net
Tue Aug 25 14:44:24 GMT 2020

On 2020-08-21 2:41 p.m., Roger Sayle wrote:
> 2020-08-21  Roger Sayle  <roger@nextmovesoftware.com>
> gcc/ChangeLog
> 	PR middle-end/87256
> 	* config/pa/pa.c (hppa_rtx_costs_shadd_p): New helper function
> 	to check for coefficients supported by shNadd and shladd,l.
> 	(hppa_rtx_costs):  Rewrite to avoid using estimates based upon
> 	FACTOR and enable recursing deeper into RTL expressions.
This change is also fine.

The gcc.target/hppa/shadd-2.c test now fails because there are two additional sh1add instructions.
However, the total number of instructions is the same as before.

I confirmed that change fixes PR middle-end/87256.  So, we can close this PR when the patch is installed.

Please install on trunk and gcc-10.  gcc-10 is the default compiler on Debian.


John David Anglin  dave.anglin@bell.net

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