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Alexandre Oliva
Tue Aug 25 05:16:04 GMT 2020

On Aug 24, 2020, Richard Biener <> wrote:

> since the option is quite elaborate on what (sub-)set of regs is
> supposed to be cleared I'm not sure an implementation not involving
> any target hook is possible?

I don't think this follows.  Machine-independent code has a pretty good
notion of what registers are call-saved or call-clobbered, which ones
could be changed in this regard for function-specific calling
conventions, which ones may be used by a function to hold its return
value, which ones are used within a function...

It *should* be possible to introduce this in machine-independent code,
emitting insns to set registers to zero and regarding them as holding
values to be returned from the function.  Machine-specific code could
use more efficient insns to get the same result, but I can't see good
reason to not have a generic fallback implementation with at least a
best-effort attempt to offer the desired feature.

Now, this is for the regular return path.  Is zeroing registers in
exception-propagation paths not relevant?

I thought it is, and I think we could have generic code that identifies
the registers that ought to be zeroed, issues CFI notes to get them
zeroed in the exception path, and requests a target hook to emit the
insns to zero them in the regular return path.

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