[OG10] cherry pick a bunch of OpenMP 5 patches

Tobias Burnus Tobias_Burnus@mentor.com
Fri Aug 21 16:17:09 GMT 2020

OG10 = devel/omp/gcc-10
a GCC 10 branch with some additional OpenMP/OpenACC/offloading patches

I have cherry-picked the following GCC 11 patches,
related to OpenMP 5 features (newest commit first):

commit 8ec8095634cab5053da4c49935eeba13f2aee2fa
     gcc/fortran/module.c: Fix indentation
     (cherry picked from commit 6de5600a8bd1ef0ad3d57670efdcc68bb3484276)
commit cee7f178c9b06461530ef7079c4daa1dfbbcc7a5
     OpenMP: Add 'omp requires' to Fortran (mostly parsing)
     (cherry picked from commit 269322ece17202632bc354e9c510e4a5bd6ad84b)
commit ade8db2028ed6735167950e2d36da4dc218cee3a
     Fortran: Add support for OpenMP's nontemporal clause
     (cherry picked from commit 21cfe724cbdc30612bf1ef59b26f19ada2210832)
commit 835160b024ce34bc6f258e7df366bb5c15e12a4b
     OpenMP: Handle order(concurrent) clause in gfortran
     (cherry picked from commit d8140b9ed3c0fed041aedaff3fa4a603984ca10f)
commit a477484ea40cdce12038ce7f8dc84772f06fc151
     Fortran: Fix for OpenMP's 'lastprivate(conditional:'
     (cherry picked from commit 7bd72dd5a385dfa6d49cfe640cefc9ed187361d3)
commit 4b339407ad42ba13fea125b4b0c651d3d3d02891
     OpenMP: Support 'lastprivate (conditional:' in Fortran
     (cherry picked from commit 084dc63a0200e60e0fbb7c36b412a158d234f5c0)

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