[PATCH] hppa: Improve expansion of ashldi3 when !TARGET_64BIT

Roger Sayle roger@nextmovesoftware.com
Fri Aug 21 12:53:15 GMT 2020

This patch improves the code generated on PA-RISC for DImode
(double word) left shifts by small constants (1-31).  This target
has a very cool shd instruction that can be recognized by combine
for simple shifts, but relying on combine is fragile for more
complicated functions.  This patch tweaks pa.md's ashldi3 expander,
to form the optimal two instruction shd/zdep sequence at RTL
expansion time.

As an example of the benefits of this approach, the simple function

unsigned long long u9(unsigned long long x) { return x*9; }

currently generates 9 instructions

u9:     copy %r25,%r28
        copy %r26,%r29
        extru %r26,2,3,%r21
        zdep %r25,28,29,%r19
        zdep %r26,28,29,%r20
        or %r21,%r19,%r19
        add %r29,%r20,%r29
        addc %r28,%r19,%r28
        bv,n %r0(%r2)

and with this patch now requires only 7:

u9:     copy %r25,%r28
        copy %r26,%r29
        shd %r26,%r25,29,%r19
        zdep %r26,28,29,%r20
        add %r29,%r20,%r29
        addc %r28,%r19,%r28
        bv,n %r0(%r2)

This improvement is a first step towards getting synth_mult to
behave sanely on hppa (PR middle-end/87256).

Unfortunately, it's been a long while since I've had access to a
hppa system, so apart from building a cross-compiler and looking at
the assembler it generates, this patch is completely untested.
I was wondering whether Dave or Jeff (or someone else with access
to real hardware) might "spin" this patch for me?

2020-08-21  Roger Sayle  <roger@nextmovesoftware.com>

	* config/pa/pa.md (ashldi3): Additionally, on !TARGET_64BIT
	generate a two instruction shd/zdep sequence when shifting
	registers by suitable constants.
	(shd_internal): New define_expand to provide gen_shd_internal.

Thanks in advance,
Roger Sayle
NextMove Software
Cambridge, UK

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