[PATCH] vxworks: Fix GCC selftests for *-wrs-vxworks7-* targets

Olivier Hainque hainque@adacore.com
Fri Aug 21 07:23:54 GMT 2020

Hello Iain,

> On 20 Aug 2020, at 14:54, Iain Buclaw <ibuclaw@gdcproject.org> wrote:
>> We have a batch of vxworks changes queued that we will be submitting soon,
>> and we might get to rationalize this with other places along the way.
> Running the build through one more time, and I've noticed that the make
> recipe macro_list also triggers a VSB_DIR not defined error.
> However unlike selftests, it does not result in a failed build, so
> probably only a minor concern.

Thanks for the note.

macro_list is essentially for fixincludes, a notorious source
of headaches for VxWorks. IIRC, there is code to inhibit macro-lists
somewhere down the line so it doesn't seem problematic.

It seems ok for the kind of sanity-check build you are doing anyway, and
not the kind of thing we want to make special efforts hiding, as we want
to catch such missing definitions in builds intended for real environments,
when we do need visibility on the system headers.



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