[PATCH] introduce attribute exalias

Alexandre Oliva oliva@adacore.com
Sat Aug 15 17:26:33 GMT 2020

On Aug 15, 2020, Iain Sandoe <iain@sandoe.co.uk> wrote:

> what about annotating the import pragma in some way such that the platform
> mangling is applied by the compiler?

Oh, one more thing about this.

Requiring all names to be given in canonical form might alleviate some
of the problems I raised, since it would eliminate typedefs and using
declarations and directives from consideration.  We'd still have other
unsurmountable problems to deal with, but more importantly, you wouldn't
be able to use u64 any more, you'd have to resolve it to the type that
u64 is mapped to, at which point you'd be bringing back the very
variation across targets that this feature was designed to overcome.

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