Intel AMX programming model discussion

Luo, Yuanke
Fri Aug 14 13:34:45 GMT 2020

Intel Advanced Matrix Extensions (Intel AMX) is a new programming paradigm consisting of two components: a set of 2-dimensional registers (tiles) representing sub-arrays from a larger 2-dimensional memory image, and accelerators able to operate on tiles. Capability of Intel AMX implementation is enumerated by palettes. Two palettes are supported: palette 0 represents the initialized state and palette 1 consists of 8 tile registers of up to 1 KB size, which is controlled by a tile control register.
The instruction manual is posted at
The AMX abi proposal is posted at
This email is to discuss the programming model for AMX. Florian has introduced the matrix type and intrinsics in LLVM community. We'd like to adopt some ideas from it.
We propose for the AMX programming model at Comments are welcome.


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