[committed] analyzer: rewrite of region and value-handling

Martin Liška mliska@suse.cz
Fri Aug 14 07:22:45 GMT 2020

On 8/13/20 10:58 PM, David Malcolm via Gcc-patches wrote:
> PR analyzer/93032 (missing leak diagnostic for zlib/contrib/minizip/mztools.c)
> PR analyzer/93938 (ICE in analyzer)
> PR analyzer/94011 (ICE in analyzer)
> PR analyzer/94099 (ICE in analyzer)
> PR analyzer/94399 (leak false positive with __attribute__((cleanup())))
> PR analyzer/94458 (leak false positive)
> PR analyzer/94503 (ICE on C++ return-value-optimization)
> PR analyzer/94640 (leak false positive)
> PR analyzer/94688 (ICE in analyzer)
> PR analyzer/94689 ("arrays of functions are not meaningful" error)
> PR analyzer/94839 (leak false positive)
> PR analyzer/95026 (leak false positive)
> PR analyzer/95042 (ICE merging const and non-const C++ object instances)
> PR analyzer/95240 (leak false positive)

Hello David.

Unfortunately, this format is not recognized by gcc-changelog script and
so the corresponding PR entries were not added to the generated ChangeLog
entries. The currently supported regex is:

pr_regex = re.compile(r'\tPR (?P<component>[a-z+-]+\/)?([0-9]+)$')

which prevents parsing an entries not being standalone.
Anyway, I updated gcc/analyzer/ChangeLog manually.


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