[COMMITTED 0/4] bpf: backports to releases/gcc-10

Martin Liška mliska@suse.cz
Wed Aug 12 18:57:12 GMT 2020

On 8/12/20 8:19 PM, Jose E. Marchesi wrote:
> Hi Martin.
>>> I left the changelog entry dates of the original commits untouched,
>>> and added `(cherry-pick from commit XXX)' lines to the commit
>>> messages.  Hope that is ok... please let me know otherwise!
>> Hello.
>> For creating a backport please use contrib/git-backport.py script.
>> The script basically runs 'git cherry-pick -x' and reverts all modifications
>> of ChangeLog files.
>> So your line:
>> (cherry pick of commit af30b83b50953fbbe671d93d44ea6ac2f7a50ce9)
>> should be:
>> (cherry picked from commit af30b83b50953fbbe671d93d44ea6ac2f7a50ce9)
>> You can then check your commits with git gcc-verify hook (from
>> contrib/gcc-git-customization.sh).
> I checked each commit with git gcc-verify, but since I didn't know about
> git-backport.py I used cherry-pick -n and reverted the ChangeLog entries
> by hand.

I see!

Can you please paste content of the 'git gcc-verify -p HEAD~xxx..HEAD' for
the backport? Can you see the 'Backported from master:' lines in there?


> Now I know better for the next time :)
> Thanks for the info!

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