[PATCH] aarch64: Add A64FX machine model

Qian, Jianhua qianjh@cn.fujitsu.com
Fri Aug 7 10:13:18 GMT 2020

Hi Richard

Thank you very much.

Richard Sandiford <richard.sandiford@arm.com> writes:
>Hi Qian,
>"Qian, Jianhua" <qianjh@cn.fujitsu.com> writes:
>> Hi Richard
>>> Would you like the patch to be backported further than GCC 10?
>> That is good if it could be backported to GCC9.
>Sure, now done.
>>> Does the attached patch to document the addition to GCC 10.3 look OK?
>> To avoid misunderstanding, could you please remove "for a 512-bit vector length"?
>Yeah, that's fine.  Here's what I committed to gcc-10/changes.html, with the same wording for gcc-9/changes.html.


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